Leave it to the Professionals

I have been travelling with Emerald Travel everywhere within Australia and the rest of the world for the past 4 years. I am not an expert in airlines, hotels, destinations etc nor do I have time to be - that's why I leave it to the professionals. And Professional is exactly what Chris, Seamus and the team at Emerald Travel are. They always go out of their way to get you the best deal and their price can never be beaten. And the reassuring part is you have someone to call should anything go wrong. You know you can trust them to look after you, that's why I recommend Emerald Travel to all my friends and family. They are the best in the business!!

As a business customer we often have to change flights at last minute both internationally and domestic, Emerald Travel have always been able to accommodate us seamlessly. With the flights and the transfers and everything running on a last minute schedule, Emerald travel has always given us the best value and service in the industry.

A. Smith

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